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Innovative App

Trade Anytime, Anywhere



Trade when you want, how you want. With our app you can execute every trade just as you would online.


Live Charts

With innovative charts you can place a trade directly from a chart and use indicators to analyse your trades.


12000+ Markets

Access over 12000 markets including FX, Indices. Shares and Commodities.


MetaTrader Compatibility

Manage your MT4/MT5 account from the mobile trading app. 

Learn to trade with KQ Markets


Trade international markets in real time


App Features

Discover the wide range of trading functionality offered by the KQ Markets App

Clear Interface

Create personal watchlists to monitor your selected markets.

Performance Analysis

Analyse your trading behaviour with helpful performance analysis.


With our one-click signals, you can discover already established trading opportunities.

Account Activity

Keep track of your account activity and view your trading history.


Receive instant notifications when your orders are triggered.

Choose your Theme

Choose between a light and dark design.

Trading with KQ Markets

Trading with unrealised profit

You have the option to use your unrealised profits from existing positions for the margin of new positions. This way you can maximise the funds available to you for your trading.

Hedging Positions

If you want to hedge a position both "long" and "short" at the same time, all you have to do is click on the hedging function in the platform's trading window.

Close out Level: Conditional closing of your positions

To protect you from financial losses, your positions are automatically closed when your trading capital falls to 50% of the margin requirements. Please note that we cannot always guarantee this protection. Please ensure that you always have sufficient funds available in your account.

Futures Roll Over Discount

You only pay half the spread if you choose to have your futures trades automatically rolled on expiry. Your existing positions will be closed at a mid-price and automatically opened on the next futures contract.

Maximum trade flexibility

Open and close your partial position with several small trades. When you want to open or close your positions, you can determine whether you want to close the entire position or only a partial position. Furthermore, you can determine the order for closing the trades based on "FIFO" or Non-FIFO. ("First in, First out"). In this case, trades that were opened first are also closed first.

Best possible trade execution for more profit

When you place a trade at a certain price, your trade will always and automatically be executed at the best possible price if the price should move during the placement (time span in milliseconds) of the trade. 

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